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Public transportation

Digitizing stops during operations

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Benefit from our solution


Fast data acquisition

The mobile laser scanner dotcube collects data at the same speed at which you walk through a stop.



Thanks to 3D laser scanning, you get an accurate three-dimensional representation of the current state.


Ongoing operations

The mobile capture of 3D data does not impose any restrictions on regular operations.


Planning basis

With the dotcube, you create digital planning foundations. In the dotscene Cloud, these are always available for your entire team to evaluate.

Data acquisition on the go

Thanks to its ease of use, the dotcube is immediately deployable and collects data at the same speed as you walk through a stop. With our mobile 3D laser scanner, stops and infrastructure elements can be easily scanned during ongoing operations in just a few minutes.

Workflow and speed

Large stops with a multitude of stopping points are easily captured in a 3D scan, whether above or below ground. With the dotcube, even the most complex structures with multiple levels and access points are fully captured. During data collection, the dotcube can also be held over railings and used on escalators without any problems.

dotscene oepnv kvb mobiler scan ueber gelaenderdotscene oepn kvb mobiler scan bahnhofhaltestelle laserscan oeffentlicher personennahverkehr

Kassel Main Station

Mobiler 3D laser scan - duration of data acquisition approximately 2 hours.

Keeping track of your inventory at all times

Does your transport network also consist of a large number of different stops? Now keep a close eye on every detail.

Which areas are barrier-free and accessible and how are the routes within a stop designed? What furniture and technical equipment is on site?

From waste garbage cans to dynamic passenger information systems: With the dotscene Cloud, you and your team can maintain an overview and check the measurements collected at any time from the comfort of your office.

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From data acquisition to evaluation

Current stop data can now be easily and completely collected in 3D: For evaluation, the dotscene Cloud is available to each of your team members. A uniform data basis for all stops in the network makes it as easy as never before to control external service providers and verify data submitted to DELFI.

In 3 steps to planning security

  1. 1

    Scan stops

    With the dotcube, you can capture all stops even during ongoing operations or at night.

  2. 2

    Evaluate data

    The evaluation of the collected 3D scans is easily done collaboratively in the dotscene Cloud.

  3. 3

    Control and interfaces

    The collected 3D data is the basis for checking external service providers. Never again lose sight of a dimension on site. Now, the data entered into DELFI is clearly documented.

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dotscene Cloud 4.0

More workflow. More Cloud. More team.

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From dotcube to dotscene Cloud

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