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Manufacturing industry

Site digitization, area management and business expansion

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We deliver optimization


Site digitization

Easily capture production with the mobile laser scanner and have it prepared in CAD by our experts.


Facility management

A resilient foundation of the actual existing areas for data and information-driven facility management.


Business expansion

Integrate our mobile mapping products to expand existing business fields.

Site digitization

The mobile capture of 3D data with the dotcube does not impose any restrictions on your operational processes during scanning. Save time and costs by digitizing your production during ongoing operations. The captured laser data forms the basis for all stakeholders in building management and is precisely prepared by our CAD experts.

dotscene industrie primaflor produktion mobil scannen

Thoughtful user-friendliness

Digitize global locations and save costs? The intuitive usability of the dotcube allows your employees, even without prior knowledge, to measure your properties in three dimensions. Simply upload the data to the dotscene Cloud after scanning. We'll take care of the processing for you.

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Reliable data foundation

With the dotcube, you can digitize your site on the go. The mobile 3D laser scanner captures every centimeter with up to 1.2 million measuring points per second: for efficient remodeling and expansion as well as for data and information-driven facility management.

In 5 steps to data foundation

  1. 1


    Our project managers delve into the goals of your project and show you the optimal solution.

  2. 2


    Together with you, we agree on scanning dates. In case you want to scan yourself, you'll receive a free training on how to use the dotcube.

  3. 3

    3D scans

    With the dotcube, we create a detailed image of your buildings in no time.

  4. 4

    Data processing

    If you need objects as CAD models, we prepare the data in the desired format. You determine the level of detail and CAD program.

  5. 5


    The captured 3D laser data is available to you for visualization and evaluation in the dotscene Cloud.

Sustainable building management

Global locations and no exact areas for your facility management? With the dotcube, you can capture areas on the go. Once captured, our project managers ensure that the data is appropriately prepared for your Computer Aided Facility Management. This way, we support you with reliable planning foundations and provide all stakeholders in building management with consistent information.

dotscene industrie bbraun mitarbeiter hauptsitz dotcube

Intelligent transparency

How far the area capture has progressed and how your locations exactly look can be easily traced in your dotscene Cloud. We host your laser data directly in your personal account. This way, you can visualize your locations in the browser anytime. The best part: You can directly save notes and measurements in the 3D laser data. This way, your entire team has an overview at all times. You can also share access to individual projects with all your team members.

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From dotcube to dotscene Cloud

Learn more about how our Mobile Mapping products and browser-based planning tools simplify inventory digitization and adapt to your workflow.

Business expansion

Are you planning strategic expansions of existing business fields around digitization and measurement of real estate or do you need data for optimizing existing products? We tailor our Mobile Mapping products to your processes and are happy to advise you on collaboration possibilities.

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The new dotcube 7

More measuring points. More SLAM. More Cloud.

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