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Facility management

Transparently digitize and effectively manage inventory

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The benefits at a glance


Data collection

Data collection with the dotcube is straightforward and fast. Scan yourself or book the dotscene Scanning Service.



ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Allplan, or Revit: we work in your CAD software for seamless integration.


Transparenz & Sicherheit

Once your properties are scanned, we host the data in your dotscene Cloud. Our servers are located in Germany.

The path to digital building inventory

Mobile mapping for digital facility management

Everything you need for efficient inventory digitization.

Data collection

With the dotcube, digital capture of entire residential areas in 3D is no longer a significant time investment. This allows even large real estate portfolios to be digitized quickly and easily. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the dotcube, you or your employees can easily scan on your own without having to be familiar with laser scanning or mobile mapping. If resources are lacking, simply use the dotscene Scanning Service.

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Planning foundations

From the entire object to the floor plan of each housing unit. Whether you need to re-measure existing rental spaces or energetically renovate entire neighborhoods: You can order planning foundations with just a click in your customer account. We work in Allplan, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, and Revit and are happy to take the time to accurately define your projects in advance. The provided data should integrate perfectly into your workflow.

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Transparency and value

The browser-based project manager is your tool in the dotscene Cloud to keep an eye on a project from start to finish - structured and centralized. In the integrated online viewer, your team has access to the scanned properties right after the survey as 3D point clouds. This way, you can measure, annotate, and save your notes directly on the 3D laser data. Share individual access permissions with service providers. Manage tasks within your team and conveniently order CAD data with a click.

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In 5 steps to digitized inventory

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    Project management

    Our goal is to find the optimal solution for your project. For this, our project managers engage intensively with your project.

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    In coordination with you, we schedule data collection. For questions and schedule changes, we set up your personal tenant phone.

  3. 3

    Data collection

    With the dotcube, you quickly create a detailed 3D image of your properties. Scan yourself or use the dotscene Scanning Service.

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    We check the scan data and provide it online. If you need CAD models, we prepare the data in the desired format.

  5. 5


    Your survey data is available in your individually configured dotscene Cloud.

From dotcube to dotscene Cloud

Learn more about how our mobile mapping products and browser-based planning tools simplify inventory digitization and adapt to your workflow.

What our customers say about us

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Scanning Service

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CAD drawing

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