Real Estate Mapping

Three-dimensional data acquisition and laser data processing as a full service.
The dotscene Real Estate Mapping teams scan your property with the dotcube from the inside and the outside very quickly.

To capture large areas or tall buildings, dotscene also uses professional drones.Upon request, our CAD experts will then process the 3D laser point clouds in the usual CAD programmes and provide you with complete base plans in various levels of detail.

The digitisation teams at dotscene Real Estate Mapping are made up of architects, civil engineers and draughtsmen. Our specialists take care of your project from data capture to the delivery of the digital building data with a lot of enthusiasm and the know-how gained from digitising over 500 properties.

Drohne mit montiertem dotcube von der Firma dotscene

Drone-based laser data acquisition

We use the dotcube on drones for tall buildings, whole lines of buildings, factory grounds or wide-open landscapes. In this case, the mobile laser scanner is mounted on a professional drone and piloted over the desired object by a trained drone pilot. Of course, dotscene Real Estate Mapping also takes care of getting approval to survey your real estate from the air.
The laser data collected by the drone can be combined with the data collected on the ground and from inside the property. In the end, this results in a truly complete scan of your existing property with no blind spots in the building.

Arbeiter mit dotscene Logo-Jacke

Mobile laser data acquisition of outdoor areas and building façades

Since our mobile laser scanner is very lightweight despite having the most cutting-edge technology, it can be carried without any problems. All you have to do is walk around the property with the 3D scanner and you’ll get a detailed image of the building shell in no time at all. Landscapes and infrastructures can also be scanned without any problems.

laserdatenerfassung indoor

Mobile laser data capture indoors

Even cross-floor scans can be managed with the dotcube. Floor by floor, including all staircases, the Real Estate Mapping area recording teams walk through your property. The three-dimensional recording with the dotcube is so fast that several thousand square metres can be scanned per day.
Even inhabited properties are measured three-dimensionally in the shortest possible time.