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Heritage conservation

Document, preserve and restore

dotscene 3d laserscan hero denkmalschutz freiburg mobile

Benefit from our solution


Fast data acquisition

The dotcube scans cultural monuments at the same speed you walk. It can also be easily used with a drone.



Document cultural monuments in three dimensions for future generations.



Thanks to mobile 3D laser scanning, you get precise data and can better understand architectural relationships.


Planning foundations

Our architects and draftsmen create plans directly according to your specifications.

Future & tradition

The dotcube adds an essential tool to your toolbox. Quickly and easily get a three-dimensional overview of an existing cultural monument and document it for future generations? No problem anymore.

dotscene denkmalpflege steinmetz mobiles scannen dotcube

Contemporary documentation

Document cultural monuments with the help of state-of-the-art technology at an extreme speed. The dotcube measures cultural monuments in 3D with up to 1.2 million laser measurement points per second. With the dotcube, you can capture three-dimensional planning foundations for heritage conservation in the shortest possible time.

Lay the foundation for the future today!

dotscene denkmalpflege dotcube auf werkbankdotscene denkmalpflege steinmetz scannt mit dotcubedotscene 3D laserscan grundrissschnitt muenster

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Mobile 3D laser scan of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Plan preparation

With the dotcube, you can quickly and easily capture cultural monuments. For plan preparation in CAD, our experienced team of architects and draftsmen is at your disposal.

dotscene 3d laserpunktwolke johanneskirche mobiler scankirche dotscene grundrissplan in cad

Details of CAD preparation

No cultural monument is the same as another. We fully commit to your project and provide the necessary tools for a precise documentation. Various measuring methods can be easily combined. This ensures that we always provide the right data basis. Whether for a renovation or restoration project or for regular damage mapping.

kirche dotscene planungsgrundlagen seitenansicht

In 5 steps to digitized cultural monument

  1. 1


    Our project managers thoroughly examine the goals of your project and show you the optimal solution for your use case.

  2. 2


    Together with you, we define scanning dates. If scans by drone are necessary, we take care of the entire approval process for you.

  3. 3

    3D scans

    With the dotcube, we create a detailed image of your cultural monument in the shortest possible time.

  4. 4

    Data Preparation

    From the 3D point clouds, we can automatically create sections and views. If you need CAD models, we prepare the data in the desired format.

  5. 5


    Your object is digitized, including all survey data and available in the dotscene Cloud.

dotscene denkmalpflege dotcube panorama

Preserving cultural monuments

We are committed. Preserving and documenting our cultural monuments is a matter of the heart for us. Learn about our initiative for the preservation of Freiburg Minster in collaboration with the Freiburg Minster Building Association e.V.

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From dotcube to dotscene Cloud

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Our services

How to save time and effort with our support

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Scanning Service

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CAD Drawing

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The new dotcube 7

More measurement points. More SLAM. More Cloud.

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Take a behind-the-scenes look at exciting projects and experience how our teams digitize cultural monuments.