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The new dotcube 7

Ready for the future of mobile 3D capture?


We have developed, optimized and tested.

The result: The dotcube 7 with even better scanning results and unbeatable user-friendliness!

Twice as many measuring points

The new dotcube 7 scans its surroundings at over 1.2 million points per second, capturing twice as many measuring points as its predecessor. Our SLAM algorithms then merge the data into even more detailed 3D laser point clouds. The good thing about it: despite the higher scanning performance, you don't have to compromise on the battery life of our mobile 3D laser scanner.

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Improved user-friendliness

The latest generation dotcube even recognizes when it is being used inappropriately. If it is moved too quickly, for example, an audio signal is emitted with instructions for optimum operation. This means that you or your employees and colleagues can simply scan independently without having to be familiar with laser scanning or mobile mapping.

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Upgrades and retrofitting

The dotcube 7 is designed as a platform system. This means you have the option of hardware upgrades at any time. Upgrading to the latest LiDAR sensors is no longer a problem and at the same time the platform system saves resources.

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Ready for the future of mobile 3D capture?

Even more measuring points. Even more SLAM. Even more Cloud.

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