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Girls' Day 2023

dotscene opens its doors to the future


dotscene girls day meeting

Recognizing and promoting talent

This year, we at dotscene had the honor of participating in Girls' Day. We were thrilled to introduce five young women aged 12 to 16 to the world of technology, IT and entrepreneurship. On this special day, we opened our doors to the talents of the future and were able to answer many exciting questions. Who knows, we might even have been lucky enough to have the future German Chancellor among our participants! We are convinced that diversity leads to innovative ideas and strong teams.

dotscene girls day roboter technik

The project

Our five students, Emilia, Flora, Lisa, Melek and Elena, had the opportunity to assemble and program the dancing robot Dotti together with our chief developer. At the end of the day, we brought in our graphic designers via teams and the girls decided what content would be posted on our channels.

dotscene girls day gruppe technik

We say thank you

Girls' Day at dotscene was definitely the most inspiring day of the week, and we would like to say a big thank you to our young participants! You impressed us with your skills and enthusiasm. We look forward to participating in Girls' Day again next year and opening our doors to the** next generation of IT talent and leaders**.

dotscene girls day pizza